Pizzarra's Restaurant & Pizzeria
is a different place ...

Located in in the heart of Union City NJ, Pizzarra's Restaurant & Pizzeria is a different place ... where we can enjoy the richest flavors of our Uruguayan cuisine!.

Photos by Beatriz Bauzan


Based in Union City, New Jersey, our aim is to bring to you the simplicity of good food and share the merriment of gathering together to experience meals prepared with thought and care. When we reflect on our favorite moments, food is central to most of them - after meals are set on the table, when the drinks are poured, and savory aromas fill the air. 

At The PIZZARRA'S RESTAURANT, our intention is to recreate this environment leaving you with fond memories of delightful conversation and community over a dinner table. Join us monthly as we serve cuisine made with local ingredients, thoughtfully curated libations and desserts that are the perfect conclusion to our evening together.


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Anthony Bourdain and his brother travel to Uruguay and have Chivitos for lunch.



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(201) 766-2712



4000 Bergenline Ave,
Union City, NJ 07087


M–Th: 10 am–9pm
F– Sa: 10 am–11pm
Sun:  10 am–9pm